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Listen to the first minute (3 stanzas) of this poem! (taken from the Hyperion CD The Mirror of Narcissus, sung by Emily Van Evera. (plays in loop) You can also go to the Plain Text and Translation.
The True Story of Good King Alexander, late 13th c.

Marc Mosko

Throughout the various pages, there are many scanned images. They are mostly from late medieval manuscripts, though there are a few modern photos strewn about too. Please see the List of Illustrations for this site.

There's a small, but growing, collection of poetry on the site. It's mostly some things I have written, but I have also included other authors too, as a sort of anthology of lost love and broken society.

I'm still looking for good graphics for all the pages, so the content will be changing as I discover new pieces.

To contact me, please email . I would love to hear what you think -- good or bad -- of the site, the poems, or the presentation.

I have also started hosting a family scrapbook kept by my late aunt May.

Radio shows from the past! I have started transfering old analog recordings of my 1986-1992 KDVS shows. These MP3s are 2hrs - 3hrs each.

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